12 June 2006

Rove isn't toast... or is he... or WTF?

Last month I went with truthout.org's assertion that Karl Rove was going to be indicted.

Today, I have egg on my face. (And wouldn't that turn the gloating Matt Drudge on?)

Rove is off the hook, per a statement released by his attorney today, and presumably this story will fade away and be lost in the Bushes.

Or will it? I guess we won't have the final word until the investigation is closed. Hey, they might get Libby in the end, or Henry Waxman will officially declare Rove a pee-pee head... that'll learn 'em.

Now that Rove's in the clear, as it were, he can concentrate on fulfilling his prophecy of a fine fall election for the GOP. If the Rove catch-and-release and the recent California 50th district race wasn't an indicator that the tide has fully turned in favor of the Republicans, maybe this is, or this is, or hell... maybe even this is.

Dems and progressives must feel like disillusioned boxing fans. You watch a brave title challenger fight his ass off, knock the champion down several times, have him hanging on the ropes and saved by the bell, piling up what should be an insurmountable lead in points. Then the score's announced and the challenger loses in a close decision to the grinning, bloody champion. Boos rain down, rage builds, people try to understand how the true winner could possibly have been robbed—what the hell fight were the judges watching? Then into the ring comes Don King, all smiles and booming laughter, and the truth behind the fraud emerges. You begin to understand, and then you start to feel that hopelessness that only a predetermined loser knows.

But don't hang up the gloves yet.

UPDATE 19 June 2006: Egad. Jaysonblairitis continues to spread.

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