28 June 2006

Specter whips out the wiffle bat again

Insolent Republicans, beware!  Brave Sir Alan is upon ye, ready to smite thine despotic arses with the vorpal sword of justice and the fair and balanced hammer of truth!  No magic bullet of diversionary tactics are enough to stop his righteous crusade...

Aw come on, he's talking out his ass again.  This time, Sen. Specter's threatening to give Congress the right to sue Bush for giving them the proverbial finger in the guise of countless signing statements designed to bypass the hassle of vetoing.

Specter has wagged his fist before trying to keep the reckless White House from all-out insanity, but it's just for show.  He's never seriously followed through with any of his forewarnings to rein in the administration.  As Jack Cafferty ruefully noted, Specter is "yet another gutless Republican worm."  One that can't seem to turn.

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