13 July 2006

Check It

WORLD NEWS: Israel's gone nuts... they've imposed a blockade and warned Lebanese civilians to scram.  US issues a feeble call for calm while France cries foul.  The New York Times says this isn't the usual bullshit.  Sigh.  In other news, Tony Blair wants China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa to join the G8.  Might as well throw them a bone, each is a supplier of cheap labor.  Speaking of those nutty Chinese, just when we thought that this guy was out, they pull this guy back in.  Elsewhere, people around the world are afraid of their own energy gluttony.  And lastly, our Dear Leader is in Deutschland reveling in the admiration of hand-picked supporters.  Bush must feel like Charlie Brown, who once observed that no matter where you've gone, you've never left.  I bitch too much... La Bloga has the cure for what irks me.

NATIONAL NEWS: The DNC may attempt to blunt the primary impact of New Hampshire's populist-loving freakazoids.  Rep. Jean Schmidt might soon be just a memory, while Katherine Harris astounds science by imploding even further.  Michael Schiavo personally snipes Colorado right-wing nutjob Marilyn Musgrave.  Sen. Lindsey Graham makes shit up, and badly, too.  Bob Novak lies some more, then calls Murray Waas a liar.  He also tells us his encounter with Karl Rove lasted less time than Bubba's cigar tryst with Monica.  AlterNet has the scoop on the rise and fall of a war profiteering rat bastard.  Folks in Maine deal with inevitable change, though some better than others.  Dan Rather threatens to go postal on us all.  Courage, indeed.  And lastly, once the Shrub comes back to the land of the fleeced, he's headed to my town to stump for a minor-league GOP dirtbag running for a major-league GOP dirtbag's vacant Congressional seat.

SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT: James Taylor is Top Wuss.  Ben Roethlisberger almost went to the big Red Zone in the sky.  Jim Carrey is banging Jenny McCarthy now... man does that guy have a trophy room or what?

CYBERSPHERE: The Washington Post is a glutton for punishment.  Imagine if you will a Wikipedia not filled with flame wars and shitty editing.

WACKY SCIENCE: Blowing the holy fuck out of prairie dogs passes for entertainment round these parts.  Thirtysomething Apollo 11 experiment is still underwayDemon ducks and flesh-eating kangaroos once roamed prehistoric Australia.  Someday they'll finally figure out the reason for the autism epidemic in America, and boy won't we be pissed.  And lastly, moms like the smell of their own kids' poo.  Let's hook 'em up with this clever thingie then, shall we?

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