21 August 2006

Harry Reid helps developer/lobbyist build enormous city

Reid just keeps giving everyone reasons to wonder how in the feckin' hell he ended up running the Democrats in the Senate.  He's a liability with a capital "L."  The Dems are all up in arms about Joe Lieberman's tilt to the right, have they ever bothered to do anything about Reid's wallowing at rock bottom?

The L.A. Times (restricted article) is reporting that the Nevada senator and dirtbag developer buddy Harvey Whittemore, who "advanced the legal careers of two of Reid's four sons," are building a 43,000-acre city in the Nevada desert.  From scratch.  With money spewing about like a Saudi gusher.

Last time I remember such a productive collaboration in the birth of a city, it was Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano putting together that little capital of vice and heartbreak called Las Vegas.  Things don't change much in the wild west, do they?

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