16 September 2006

Damascus embassy attack: Syrian stunt, American operation?

Asia Times Online takes a fascinating look at the fog of Middle East war and some outrageous claims bubbling up from the kookosphere: that either Syria staged the attack on the US embassy in Damascus to “score points with the Americans and prove to Washington that Syria and the US had the same enemy in radical political Islam;” or, that the US carried out the attack using Syrian operatives “to prove Syria is filled with terrorists.”

One has to admit that it was awkward and somewhat unbelieveable to hear—after months of boasting, veiled threats and bellicose rhetoric with the likes of Ahmadinejad and Assad—the US Secretary of State Condi Rice thank Syria for foiling an anti-American attack.

Then White House spokesman Tony Snow, at a press briefing, said, “We are hoping [Syria] will become an ally and make the choice of fighting against terrorists.”  Ugh.

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