29 September 2006

Foley me twice, shame on me

Well, well, well.  Surely you all have heard the news about Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), who has resigned after his scandalous contacts with an underaged male page were revealed.  What a guy.  Now it’s surfaced that GOP House leadership, including Speaker Dennis Hastert, may have known of this for almost a year and done nothing.  Nancy Pelosi went batshit and got a resolution passed 410–0 ordering an immediate probe of Foley, which under different circumstances might have been exciting for him.

Hold on just a second here, though.  Not that I’m trying to be too cynical or reveal my tinfoil-hat tendencies, but has anyone considered that maybe… just maybe… we’re being set up by Karl Rove and the GOP in a Rathergate-type pseudoscandal?  The one thing above all else that makes me think this is definitely genuine is that it’s coming out on a Friday.  Republicans always let the bad news out on Fridays, since everyone’s out getting shitfaced and weekend stories are stale by Monday morning.

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