27 September 2006

World ends as Dealin' Doug sued for workplace porn

It finally happened… ole Rolex Man and Shit-Eating Grinmeister himself, Colorado used car douchebag  “Dealin’ Doug” Moreland, has been sued by female employees because his mechanics had tittie pix taped up around the garages.  Since bad taste and offensively loud commercials in and of themselves do not justify a citizens’ beatdown, I rued that justice might never be served on this cheesy, shameless bastard.  But at last, someone has stepped forward to try and put a stop to a man who has terrorized Denver airwaves for decades with his Superman costume and manicured nails.

Ah, who’m I kidding, life wouldn’t be the same without Dealin’ Doug pissing me off with his cheesy commercial classics.

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