03 October 2006

Behold the "Anti-Rove"

Joseph at Cannonfire has a very interesting and entertaining post in which he asserts that the Democrats have an “Anti-Rove” in their midst who may have carefully crafted the “sting operation” on disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL).  He writes:

July 28 (perhaps later): An unknown person who signs himself/herself "Stop Sex Predators" initiates a very simple blog titled -- naturally -- Stop Sex Predators. A little-known blog with only a handful of entries, it will come to play a key role in Foleygate. … Over the next two months, the mysterious blog will post a handful of brief stories on well-known sex crimes or scandals -- Polly Klaas, Chandra Levy -- offering no new information or interesting analysis. The writer offers no personal details, no hint of motivation, no note of individuality. Since the blogger did nothing to publicize the site, readership must have been zilch. … When I first looked at this blog, my first reaction was "The Poway Mafia strikes again!" (That's an in-joke for those who recall the Wilkes affair.) In short and in sum, everything about this blog screams FAKE.

Then the site published the now-infamous Foleymails which started the whole shmear.  “Why would the page in question send emails to what is almost certainly a fake site, a site with no readers?” Joseph wonders.  He continues:

Also on September 24: A mere two hours after these emails appear on the Stop Sex Predators blog -- a non-blog with no traffic -- WHInternNow publicizes the SSP "find" on Daily Kos. He (or she) receives a small amount of commentary, including skeptical remarks about the implied claim that the diarist was a White House intern. Sample comment (re: WHInternNow): "First signed on with Kos in September 06 - has not made one comment to anyone;s diary." … I believe the Stop Sex Predators blogger and WHInternNow to be one and the same.

Then he sees that the emails were retyped; they “do not match the emails received by ABC News.”  After further analysis, he muses, “So.  Is there a Democratic Rove?  Perhaps we should refer to him as ‘Drove.’  Drove, if you’re reading these words, all I can say is this: Bloody brilliant.”

So who is the mysterious Drove, if there is one at all?  Here’s my nominee.  And if it ain’t him, and in all seriousness it ain’t, then watch this site, which usually gets the goods on these kind of things first.

UPDATE 03 OCT 2006: The Freepers claim they know who it is.

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