08 November 2006

Last post for now: Recount in MT Senate race, dead heat in NM-01, WY-AL

Well it's been a fun night, but I'm off to the crypt. Endnotes...

* Latest on Senate Final 2: In Montana, a recount's underway in one county, but as it stands, Tester (D) 49%-48% Burns (R-Inc.), 90% reporting per CNN. Tester's lead was slashed in half, he's now just above 2,000 votes ahead of Burns. In Virginia, it's still the same as it's been for several hours: Webb (D) 49.58%-49.22% Allen (R-Inc.), 99.75% reporting per state site, and an automatic recount looms there, should Allen request it.

* In NM-01, GOP incumbent Rep. Heather Wilson is in a fight for her life against Dem challenger Patricia Madrid. With 99% of the precincts reporting, it's a virtual dead heat... Only about 1,300 votes have Wilson ahead.

* In Wyoming's At-Large House seat, Slappin' Barb Cubin (R) is also in an extremely tight race to keep her seat, up against the unheralded Gary Trauner (D) and the object of Cubin's handy affection, Libertarian Thomas Rankin. As of this writing, with 99% of precincts reporting, Cubin is ahead of Trauner by a mere 800 votes. Trauner isn't conceding the race.

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