30 November 2006

Smash hit from Satan's songbook

For a long time I was convinced that nothing could ever curdle my blood worse than the indescribably awful New England 1985 theme song “The Patriots And We.”  Experience the horror for yourself here.

Lo and behold, I’ve stumbled upon something worse.  This lovely ditty from the fiery bowels of Hell was sung during Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-FL) first senatorial campaign by his adult daughter, who also wrote it.  Not even thee Nelson slapped together anything quite as bad, though they tried damned hard.  Despite the tune, the Senator won in a landslide.  (Oh, if only Nelson’s insane 2006 opponent Katherine Harris had come up with a similar campaign theme song… it would’ve been manna from Gehenna.)

At any rate, I shall earnestly await Emperor’s cover version of “Vote For Bill Nelson.”

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