13 December 2006

Rep. Cynthia McKinney discusses her bill to impeach Bush

Outgoing Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney, booted from office after her loss in the 2006 primary season, introduced a bill to bring articles of impeachment against President Bush at the end of the final session of the 109th Congress, which took place last Friday.

Needless to say, the bill had no other supporters, it didn't get much press aside from alternative news outlets, and McKinney was not allowed to present remarks to the floor.

McKinney won't be missed by many people, but she won't be forgotten either. She may be known now for slugging a rent-a-cop, having crazy-ass hair, ranting against Zionists, getting dusted as the incumbent in two primaries, and once saying that "the white, rich Democratic boys club want me to stay in the back of the bus," but believe me... McKinney is no dummy, and in fact she's one of the most courageous and intelligent representatives Congress has had in recent memory, despite her overpublicized gaffes.

The telling proof of this is how she constantly attracted the attention of the worst elements in the Republican party. They tracked her every move. They hated her guts. They hated her from the moment she went out on the floor of the House in 1991 and spoke out against the Gulf War, one of the few brave souls to even try that during a time of national warfervor. Now Kucinich makes it look easy.

At any rate, on her way out of Congress and the limelight (for now), the remarkable Ms. McKinney tells the Atlanta Progressive News more about her ill-fated bill, the first to be brought against Bush, and based on the Pelosi beatdown of Rep. Conyers, likely the last:
"I decided to introduce Articles of Impeachment because the American people have been subjected to betrayal at the highest levels for the lowest reasons. Our Constitution and our Democracy have been betrayed. It is imperative those in high places know they must respect our laws and our values," the Congresswoman told APN. ...

"This is not a turning point for me," McKinney said. "I have not changed. Perhaps the people now see what I saw a long time ago about the George W. Bush Administration. Sadly, the Bush Administration has exceeded my apprehension of its deception, incompetence, and malevolence. It has damaged our Democracy and ignored our Constitution."
Read the rest at APN.

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