03 March 2007

George Carlin going strong at 70

Comedy icon and counterculture hero George Carlin, en route to Aspen for the U.S. Comedy Festival, spoke to the Associated Press's John Rogers about being in show business for 50 years and life at 70, a milestone he reaches in May.

Anytime Carlin talks, I listen.

On refusing to slow down in old age: "Pablo Casals was 94," he said to Rogers, "and still practicing three hours a day and someone said to him, 'Why do you still practice three hours a day?' And he said, 'I'm beginning to notice some improvement.'"

Carlin's suffered years from the effects of hereditary coronary artery disease, which he says he controls through a strict diet.

"My father gave me this disease," said Carlin. "But he also gave me my gift of gab, my sense of humor. So what the fuck. It was a good trade-off."

Carlin's official website is georgecarlin.com.  He's also co-owner of Laugh.com, where you can purchase classic comedy recordings on CD.

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