23 March 2007

Mindless sex and minding goats

No, they're not the favorite hobbies of college jocks, it's the Daily Bleah.  Here's a thick slab of misleading, miserable, and unintentionally hilarious headlines from the major news media.

ABC: Teacher Chided for Bite During Wedgie
ABC: Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Big Business, Even After Death
CBS: Cops: Family Held, Beat Woman "Slave"
MSNBC: Giant squid may be headed for microwave
FOX: Texas Women Lied About Kidnapping Because They Broke Curfew
FOX: Harvard Abstinence Group Fights Back Against Mindless Sex on Campus
CNN: Timberlake too 'Sexy' for Tennessee?
CNN: Japan diplomat: Blonds 'no good' in Mideast talks
CNN: Maasai's arm around supermodel, mind on goats
BBC: Youth held over ice rink killing
New York Times: Coach's 'Unhealthy' Obsession Has Led to Success at Texas A&M
Washington Post: Man in Hot Water Over Shampoo Camera

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