09 March 2007

Peter Pan, elf lingerie and hot nads

No, it's not a steamy night at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, it's the Daily Bleah. Here is the latest batch of headline hell from the major media...

ABC (tie): Man Burns Genitals in 'Jackass' Stunt
ABC (tie): India Farmer Has Cow That Eats Chickens
CBS: Wanna Cut Your Jail Time? Donate A Kidney!
MSNBC: Duke grad builds beer tossing fridge
FOX: Man Gets 6 Years for Shoving Mobile Phone Down Girlfriend's Throat
CNN: Pope's fears over 'prophet' Dylan
BBC: 'Elf' lingerie thief found guilty
New York Times: There's plenty of José Reyes to Go Around and Around
Washington Post: Residents Loyal to Local Peter Pan Plant

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