08 March 2007

Pubic lice from gorillas and assault by catfish

No, those aren't demands listed in Celine Dion's concert riders, they're highlights from yesterday's Daily Bleah.  Here is the latest collection of whiffle balls from the major media.  ABC and FOX were trying extry hard to impress...

ABC (tie): Catfish Assault Reported at Tenn. Diner
ABC (tie): Unzipped Fly Leads Officers to Pot Stash
CBS: "Godless" Dollar Coins Slip Through Mint
MSNBC: Power of attraction still rules in workplace
FOX (tie): Groom Accused of Trying to Run Over Wife After Honeymoon in Vegas
FOX (tie): Rosie: I Hang Upside Down Every Day to Fight Depression
FOX (tie): Study: Humans Caught Pubic Lice From Gorillas Three Million Years Ago
CNN: Hurley beach party sparks row
BBC: Cannabis grandmother spared jail
New York Times: Built for Speed, but Looking for Love
Washington Post: Underage Drinker Offers Police $17 Bribe

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