11 May 2007


Well bob my Adam's apple and strangle me with a cheap cocktail dress, but it looks like GOP harpy Ann Coulter got help in her voter fraud case from an ex-boyfriend who happens to be an FBI agent, so says the intrepid Brad Friedman in an exclusive post.  A swig:
Lambiet reports that the Palm Beach Sheriffs Office, who had been investigating the matter, have closed the case after an FBI agent interceded on Coulter's behalf. The PBSO had been investigating Coulter's fraudulent, knowing use of the wrong address on her voter registration form, a third-degree felony, as the followed by her knowingly voting at the wrong precinct.


The BRAD BLOG spoke this morning with the "stalker" in question, as named by Lambiet, longtime Coulter-critic, and founder of Citizens for Principled Conservatism, Dan Borchers, who tells us that "Ann Coulter used a false allegation as a 'get out of jail free card'" on her voter fraud charges. The FBI man in question, Supervisory Special Agent Jim Fitzgerald, Borchers tells us, was Coulter's former boyfriend!
This disturbing and completely delicious development answers a few questions about Coulter, but prompts new ones that I dare not utter.  I'll leave that up to the hard-working folk of the mainstream media who are bound to leap on this story like Paris Hilton on a paparazzi.

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