03 May 2007

Grover Norquist's real first name: John. As in customer

Oh, let this be true.  Please, gods of licentious tabloid news above, let it be true.  According to a Daily Kos diarist, neocon lapdog Grover Norquist is among the names on the DC Madam's client list.
We know this seems unsubstantiated, but this information comes from a good source.  Remember that LoftyDonkey was correct in breaking the Renzi investigation last year.  A lot of the rich and powerful in DC are scared that their "shopping" habits with DC Madame Jeane Palfrey may be exposed.
The icing on the cake, if this turns out to be correct, would be that ole Super Grover is into really weird shit, beyond Dick Morris' foot worship or Matt Drudge's egg fetish.  I'm hoping gerbils, whips, and a stained copy of Mein Kampf are involved.

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Larry said...

Where there is smoke there is fire and where there is Norquist there is Karl Rove.