22 June 2007

Freudenthalian slip

Ruh roh, another fundie poseur doc in the Senate.
Republican John Barrasso, a surgeon and conservative Wyoming legislator, became the country's newest U.S. senator Friday, replacing the late Craig Thomas.

Barrasso ... left no doubt that he will be a conservative voice in Washington.

"I believe in limited government, lower taxes, less spending, traditional family values, local control and a strong national defense," the orthopedic surgeon and state senator from Casper wrote in his application.

He said he has "voted for prayer in schools, against gay marriage and have sponsored legislation to protect the sanctity of life."

Damn, and we'd just gotten rid of Bill Frist too.

Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal said, "While I don't intend to indulge the speculation on why I made this decision, I will say that I hope I made the right choice."

I'm guessing his other choices were Lynne Cheney and Charles Manson.

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nonk9 said...

Charles Manson, indeed!