27 June 2007

GOP quietly giddy about New Orleans' black diaspora

So Bob Novak snidely suggests in his latest political report.  Talking about upcoming US Senate races, Novak has this to say about Louisiana, which he feels is the GOP's "best pickup opportunity" in 2008:
Republicans were already on the upswing here before Hurricane Katrina, and at the local level, the villains in the story of Katrina were nearly all Democrats. The election of 2007 could be promising for Republicans at the state level.

If Rep. Bobby Jindal (R) wins the race for governor this fall -- and indications are that he will -- then the governor and one senator will be Republicans. Of course part of the thinking, voiced publicly by no one, is that the state's black population in New Orleans largely disappeared with Hurricane Katrina, significantly diminishing the base vote for Landrieu.

Gotta love those Acts of God, especially when the Lord smiles on the Grand Old Party and smites the swarthy sons of Canaan.  My question is, who would be so cynical, so selfish and indifferent, that they'd consider the still-suffering Big Easy as an opportunity to be exploited politically?  Whose shameless "thinking" is this?

Perhaps subtly answering these questions, Novak writes in his very next line, "There is no obvious GOP candidate ready to step forward. White House advisor Karl Rove has been urging..." (snip)

Of course, Karl Rove!  The master spinner himself who--unlike his boss in the Oval Office--isn't afraid to flaunt his detachment from, and glaring insensitivity to, black people.  Novak underscores this with a most telling parapraxis in his final sentence on the matter; read into what you will: "No one will be worrying too much about this race until after the governor's race is over."

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