18 July 2007

Has anyone told Henry Waxman and John Conyers about this?

The poor chairs of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees have been fruitlessly serving subpoenas on various cretins in the Bush administration and the GOP, but all have come to naught.

They've been wasting their time. All they need to do to get those tough questions answered is cough up $600 and sign up quickly for this little pajama party hosted by Bob Novak:

The Ultimate (Secret) Source

It isn't often that you can meet the decision makers of the nation in such an intimate setting. Don't miss out, sign up today.

This is your chance to get frank answers and insight into the state of our nation and economy.

Remember, only 70 people are allowed to attend. Seats are filling up, so reserve your seat today!

Novak further brags in his latest exclusive Evans-Novak Political Report:

This is your chance to join Bob Novak and 70 other prominent insiders at the nation's most exclusive private-room political summit. You'll probably never again have this opportunity to engage in direct conversation with the top political powerbrokers and government policy shapers... offering you forecasts and insights that will directly affect your profits, decisions, and power.

What's more, Bob Novak's iron-clad OFF THE RECORD policy is why past participants have gotten real answers even from media-wary policy makers like:

Dick Cheney, Vice President
Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
Al Gore, former Vice President
Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader
Ken Mehlman, former RNC Chairman
Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes, Inc.
George Tenet, former Director of CIA

This secret event is rarely publicized -- don't miss your chance to attend. Once all 70 seats are reserved, the doors close to all outsiders. Please don't wait.

Incidentally, it'll cost ya a few extra clams to bring your kid brother along.

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