30 August 2007

Hey E.T.: Screw the warnings, just come down and clean house

Why do aliens, on the occasions they do address us en masse, always give humans "warnings" about all the evils that (will) befall us, but never just step in, haul off the cretinous and corrupt to some galactic prison, and save everyone the trouble?

Case in point: the shocking "Vrillon" incident from 1977, in which some space weirdo from Ashtar interrupted British TV to tell us all that we should get rid of our nasty weapons before someone gets hurt. Most amusing about the episode is how Vrillon has that sexy English accent and prefers local listeners to a global audience.

Them extraterrestrials must not be all that mighty and advanced. Yeah, so they can travel faster than light speed and create matter out of thin air, but zapping Dick Cheney and getting MTV's 'Next' cancelled is apparently beyond their power.

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