16 August 2007

Video: Bill Moyers gives Karl Rove a lovely parting gift

Unlike all the damp-eyed accolades from certain members of the press, stalwart American journalist Bill Moyers has no love for the hastily departing Turd Blossom.

"Karl Rove figured out a long time ago that the way to take an intellectually incurious, draft-averse, naughty playboy in a flight jacket with chewing tobacco in his back pocket and make him governor of Texas was to sell him as God's anointed in a state where preachers and televangelists outnumber even oil derricks and jackrabbits," says Moyers in tomorrow's edition of Bill Moyers Journal.

"It's so easy, as Karl knew, to scapegoat people you outnumber," he continues. "And if God is love, as rumor has it, Rove knew in politics to bet on fear and loathing. Never mind that in stroking the basest bigotry of true believers, you coarsen both politics and religion."


Jean said...

I'm so glad Moyers got back on TV in time to comment on Rove's departure. So refreshing to see an unabashed (bloody but unbowed, even) liberal take stock of what Rove accomplished ... nothing good, and lots of bad, in other words. I could wish that Molly Ivins had lived to see this, though.

Sometimes, I think, it takes a Texan to know one. (Or to spot a phony Christian.)

Guzmán said...

Yeah... too bad Moyers isn't interested in occupying the White House himself.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that, Karl?

Bill has a fantastic way of redirecting THE big picture we get from the privately owned media. Every hour, more and more ordinary people are really asking themselves to not so much overlook life's gross and misleading, plundering system. And to simply eye the establishments industrial sized contradictions, through the keyhole of life. I'd like to add, America isn't the only country that's abusing the privilege of being stupid.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

Rove was part of this wretched administration that routinely violates our rights:
They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon.
They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov't.
Support Dr. Ron Paul and end this madness.
Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov't and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

Paul J said...

If Rove is a genius, he is one of those of which people say,"Imagine how much better the world could have been if he had used that mind to do good".

Anonymous said...

I'd rather say, "How much better would the world be if Karl Rove had never been born?"

Lady Jane said...

Well done but he is just a fall guy.

It isn't going to change much of anything since Israel has occupied this country for over fifty years and has never been called what it is....a troublemaker and war mongering thief and murderer.

Israel out. Now. Constitution back in.

It may however be too late.

Rick Byrne said...

The Moyers Blog has posted a letter from Bill Moyers to Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, where Karl Rove was shown a clip of Moyers' comments about Rove's resignation. http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/blog/2007/08/response_to_my_fellow_texan.html

kazoolist said...

Quoting the anonymous commenter - "Bill has a fantastic way of redirecting THE big picture we get from the privately owned media."

Yeah, but it's not that hard when you just lie and make stuff up.

Anonymous said...

We'll all miss that som' bitch.

This week I took the time to compile my own list of Republican's culture of corruption. (I went ahead and included the pedophiles.) I thought I'd finish in a couple of hours; it took me three days. Last time I counted I had over 200 names.

I thought you might enjoy a gander.