01 December 2007

Just Say Yes to Just Say No

Bernalillo County (New Mexico) sheriff Darren White, a Republican running for Congress in New Mexico's 1st District, definitely needs to be elected. This is why.

Not since Bubba blew his horn on Arsenio Hall's old show has a political white boy rocked this hard, though this vid probably dates from about the same year. Bonus points to White for the mullet, too, and the kickass backup band in cop gear featuring NM Gov. Bill Richardson on guitar, Dr. Drew Pinsky on bass, Edward James Olmos on drums, and Bryan Adams on the Yamaha Cheesemaster.

Additional, 2007 Dec 01: Alisa, with all due respect, these kind of brutal putdowns are why eggheads don't get elected: "Darren White, on the other hand, is a cop who went to a mini-mall college for a couple of years; I would not be surprised if he heard about his school on TV, late at night. He would probably think John Locke was a guy who helped you out when you forgot your keys."

My advice to you is either don't run for office—look at what campaigning did to a fellow intellectual, Mario Vargas Llosa—or go make a bad video yourself and run again in a decade.

(Props to New Mexico FBIHOP for originally posting the vid.)


elaine said...

Brilliant! Loved it.

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