08 January 2008

Romney: Barack Obama a killer

"Senator killer," that is. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney made the curious remark today while campaigning in New Hampshire.

Romney first described Obama as a "senator killer" apparently in reference to Obama's poll rise over erstwhile front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton, reports Susan Jones for CNSNews.com. Obama, Romney then said, "will have shown that he knocked off [Sens.] Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, and then Hillary Clinton." [emphasis mine]

Romney staffers are sweating even more overt allusions by the ex-gov. to the stereotype of black propensity for violence. Imagine Mitt saying in some nightmarish campaign stop rantorama that Obama could "do a 1-8-7 on Duncan Hunter," "pimp-slap Rudy Giuliani," "go Suge Knight on Dennis Kucinich," etc. before campaign aides drag him offstage and take away his ibogaine.

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