01 February 2008

Ann Coulter would vote for Hillary Clinton? Makes sense to me

Ann Coulter was on Hannity & The Other Guy last night and said she prefers Hillary Clinton over John McCain. Wait, what?

Yes, you heard it right. Check out the vid, which I was made aware of via DownWithTyranny!, props.

Shocked? Puhleez. Why wouldn't Ann campaign for Hillary? If Clinton's elected, it means at least four more years of food on the table for the silence-challenged Coulter. All the right-wingers want Clinton in office. It's their fervent dream. The conservative Mouth of Sauron, Bill Bennett, practically blew kisses to Hillary after the debate last night (emphasis on race-baiting garbage mine):
It was a -- frankly, it was a -- I think, a little disappointing, from my perspective. I think Barack Obama had to do more than he did.

I thought she won -- I will just be crude and say I thought she won the debate. I thought she was in control. He said -- he used the locution, "we both believe," "we both think" too many times.

I think, if it comes out even, if no one has a clear advantage, it's advantage Hillary Clinton. He's the challenger. He's an athlete. He should know that he had to work a little harder.
He's an athlete that has to work a little harder for some reason. Hm, where have I heard that before?

Anyway, conservatives win three different ways whether or not Hillary is elected in November.

1. She loses to a Republican and the Clintons are never heard from again;

2. She wins, reveals herself as a right-leaning, business-friendly, pro-war "moderate," thus the status quo continues and fatcats stay fat and happy;

3. Least likely scenario: She wins, reveals herself as a hardcore liberal committed to reversing the Bush era, and conservatives spend every hour of their waking life gleefully trying to have her removed from office with lies and dirt and rehashes of Bubba's crimes.

Any of those three are enough to make cro-mag conservatives slobber like Rush Limbaugh at a Golden Corral.

The nightmare for the right is the ascension of Obama. And with the shenanigans Bill Clinton pulled in South Carolina seemingly not having much of an effect overall on Hillary's strategery, certain shameless cretins like the aforementioned Coulter might feel they can get away with even more egregiously racist attacks in November, which may well hasten their demise.

And sadly, inevitably, result in a powerful thirst for vengeance of some kind. That's one of the things the far right really specialize in, revenge... but you knew that, yes?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Coulter is trying to accomplish with her/his reverse psychology.

Anonymous said...

LOL I saw Ann Coulter and thought that link said DownWithTranny hehe

guzmán said...

"I thought that link said DownWithTranny"

Where is your sick mind at?