30 July 2008

Living in Andy Warhol's world

So observes celebrated Renaissance woman Laurie Anderson in a little Q&A she did for Smithsonian:
I feel like we are living in Andy's world now. It's the world that he defined in so many ways and his obsessions with fame and violence and ego. You just look around and go, "Wow, he was doing that 30 years ago!"

American culture was going that way and he nailed it. It's completely fascinating how he came up with those categories and American life became that way.
More with Anderson--a.k.a. Mrs. Lou Reed, a former McDonald's employee, and NASA's first artist in residence--at this link.

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skyplumber said...

I saw you on S & R
interesting intereview, especially this:

I began to think, "How can I escape this trap of just experiencing what I expect?" I decided maybe I would just try to put myself in places where I don't know what to do, what to say, or how to act. So, I did things like working at McDonald's and on an Amish farm, which had no technology whatsoever.