15 October 2008

America must look evil if it looks like Obama

So Republicans like to say that the difference between Obama and Osama is a little B.S. Let's take a look at some of the GOP's own B.S.

Check out this post on Brad Friedman's site. It's all from a local Republican elections mailer sent out in Virginia. Let me preface this by acknowledging Brad as one of the best and most important bloggers/investigative journos out there.

The back of the envelope features a pic (above the words "AMERICA MUST LOOK EVIL / IN THE EYE / AND NEVER FLINCH") that Brad says is Obama, which ties in with the reference to the "Democrats who want to control Washington" line inside the mailer, and would also be a natural deduction given the mailer's design color... brown, like Obama's skin such as in this photo.

However, that's not Obama. It's Osama bin Laden. Notice how the original photo has been tinted a la the infamous O.J. Simpson photo on the cover of Time.

I showed the image to a colleague of mine who also thought it was Obama at first, no doubt overtly influenced by the sepia tint. By his and Brad's--and surely the intended recipients'--erroneous IDs, a subconscious connection is made, which is exactly what is intended.

Clever trick, righty ratfuckers. And an old one too. You bastards never quit, do you?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this is exactly the kind of thing that KKKarl Marx Rove would do.

Anonymous said...

The right-wing can't win on issues because their propositions for the economy and foreign policy have shown to be failed time and again. So, all they have left is to lie and manipulate to stay in power.

When logic and reason fail, fear monger.


IludiumPhosdex said...

Perhaps the ultimate in GOP fearmongering in this the final fortnight could be coming from their Religiopolitical Right droogs alluding to the "plight" of their dear and beloved droogs among the Afrikaners of South Africa.

All along playing a Fear of Religious Persecution card with overtones of apartheid-era atrocity propaganda serving to reinforce Afrikaner Pride and Honour.