29 August 2009

Twitload for 29 August 2009

Seen recently at Twitter:

"[I am] so mad at Scotland for releasing that terrorist I am now calling Haggis 'Freedom Entrails.'" - John Fugelsang

"Always use a bad picture for your Avatar. That way, when people meet you, they'll think, 'Hey, you look better than I thought you would.'" - Brent Spiner

"I don't really mind admitting that, at this point, I hate the Washington Post - you should try it; it's very liberating." - Glenn Greenwald

"in the locker room // on my bum, his towel whips // 'i just snapped my brah'" - 12 Bit Haiku

"I just broke half a million followers. Thanks to all -- unless it's my mother, on 500,000 different accounts." - Nicholas Kristof

"Ass of swamp I do have. Imminent is shower." - 'Yoda'

"Had so much fun playing Age of Booty on XBox last night, I lost track of time and went to sleep around 3am. It's like 1988 & Zelda on NES!" - Wil Wheaton

"@buzzflash 'I'm still baffled why Republicans are bitter, selfish, belligerent; any thoughts?' Yeah: Viagra Rage" - Mike Sheehan

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