11 September 2009

Twitload for 11 September 2009

Seen recently at Twitter:

"Just got home from dinner I ate like I was going to the chair" - Danny DeVito

"It took Ayn Rand 1000s of pages to flesh out a new core philosophy of 'Screw You All'. That's not smart, that's just wasting paper." - Michael Lazzaro

"you dont have to like @ThatKevinSmith's movies to love his tweets (tho: warning, theyre NC-17)" - Jake Tapper

"If kids stay in school, they might go to college, where they will encounter elitist left-wing professors. Very clever, Obama." - Chris Dashiell

"Grandson nationalized the family ice cream last night. Damn you Obama!" - Gen. JC Christian

"Isn't it a bit redundant for Politico to create a whole separate gossip section? Sort of like the WashPost creating a special neocon page." - Glenn Greenwald

"I didn't know you could fall asleep eating a sandwich" - Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez

"Have read some of your career struggles. I sent 700 packages, got about 350 rejection letters before getting my first job in comics" - Todd McFarlane

"No American made the US Open men's quarters? Hey kids under 18 - put down the effing Wii/PS3 controller & pick up a racket. Signed, OLD FART" - Bill Simmons

"Ever had food so spicy that you needed to *shower* after eating it?" - Allah Pundit

"Just saw the majestic Alice In Chains. The copius amount of hair on my arms was standing up." - Scott Ian

"When I watch the 'Where the Wild Things Are' trailer, I get weepy. Your results may vary. But not by much I'll bet." - Adam Savage

"Over nxt months I really ought take one torso photo/week for fab timelapse w/'Yellow Submarine' vacuum monster as sound effect. *OOOOOFPHT!*" - Nick Cargo

"Seeing the new Tarantino movie today. Won't be taking my 6-year-old... don't want to expose her to all that bad spelling." - "Weird Al" Yankovic

"On a related note: yes, teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime. Unless he hates fish. Then there's allergy issues." - James Lileks

"Is So Spy Magazine 80's and a trope i cant seem to shake, but i do know grammatical rules, sometimes i simply do not give a fuck about them" - Courtney Love

"Here's a new game. Write a long msg w/a last word that w/some of its letters cut off turns it into something dirty. My favorite color is fuc" - Mike Sheehan

"Re: lack of Arab press 9/11 talk. Maybe just the usual human disinterest in what happened to people far away and long ago." - Steve Hynd

"MSNBC's rerunning of 9/11 coverage (as it happened!) is not news. It's death porn" - Mo Rocca

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