10 May 2006

Chickens coming home to edit

Someone keeps removing relevant information about Colorado Rep. Bob Beauprez's Vietnam draft status from his entry at Wikipedia. I've readded the section and updated it; let's see how long it lasts. I didn't editorialize there, that's what I do here.

The Rocky Mountain News featured an article about Both Ways Bob today. ProgressNow blasted the chickenhawk's poseury in an effective ad at their site.

The basic story is, Beauprez got out of service because of a onetime ulcer, which didn't stop him from participating in college athletics. He's another in an endless line of dishonorable Republican office-holders and talking heads who are all for war as long as they don't have to fight in it. Problem is, this coddled wuss has his sights on the governer's office in Colorado, and per the latest Rasmussen poll results, he's pulled ahead of Bill Ritter, the default candidate the Dems have been forced to endure with Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper having passed on the race.

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