13 May 2006

Rove is toast...

...and not a minute too soon. truthout.org has the story... er, "wildly speculative rumors."

Rove will go down fighting, and likely take Cheney down with him as Republican officials abandon him in droves in a cynical attempt to appear to be "moving forward." Forget about impeaching Bush... take Rove and Cheney out of the picture and you've ripped the black heart out of the neocon movement. The infrastructure will collapse now. So mote it be.

UPDATE: The Washington Post–or Howard Kurtz, at any rate–is calling bullshit. And of course, they make an extra special attempt to character assassinate the author of the original truthout.org writer. Time will tell which story is legit.


Suspect Device said...

Heh. Scope out the Wikipedia history
on this one, makes Beauprez's entry look clean.

Beast of Bourbon said...