30 May 2006

What do Idaho, Utah and Wyoming have in common?

Violent homophobia, fervent Christian fundamentalists, white supremacists, hardcore NRA trogs, militias, xenophobes, bigamists, incest, misogyny, drunk teens driving around in battered pickups shooting at stop signs while listening to Prussian Blue?  No, but you're close.

Of all 50 states in which Survey USA conducted recent polls, only Idaho, Utah and Wyoming positively rated President George W. Bush.

I was sure that Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona and the entire South sans Louisiana would still be stubbornly clinging to our Commander-in-Chief, but they appear to have wised up in recent months.

What does this portent for November?  Absolutely nothing.  As we all know, polls are meaningless.


Anonymous said...

Go fuck your self commie faggot. The western states will be the last bastion of freedom from you marxist cocksuckers.

Guzmán said...

Hey, I live out west too. We might even be neighbors! Let me come over sometime so I can redecorate your house in red and yellow with a hammer & sickle motif, it's very trendy these days.