08 June 2006

Boogeyman dead in time for '06 election drive

So Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been blowed up real good.  They dropped two 500-pound bombs on his ass but he was kind enough to stay in one piece for a trophy photo to go into Dubya's scrapbook of madness.  Our Dear Leader today proudly pinned a host of shady crimes on Spookqawi and gushed on Iraqi progress; read for yourself here if you can stomach it.  Well now.

Join with me, friends, as we watch together the inevitable rise in Bush's approval ratings, GOP candidates flocking to his side, Rove and Cheney's troubles disappearing into the smoke and mirrors, the mass delusion of the populace and the inevitable victory of the Republicans in November to the astonishment of enraged progressives who thought they had this one in the can.  HA!  You fools.

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