27 July 2006

Rev. James Dobson the pot-head?

No.  Not exactly.

But a liberal activist group in Colorado called ProgressNowAction is trying to make hay of a major gaffe by a pro-straight marriage group and a pro-legalize pot group in hiring the same petitioning company to gather signatures for them.

Today, a dude at the King Soopers down the street from where I live asked me in the same breath if I would sign one petition supporting traditional marriage and, when I said I couldn't, asked me if I would sign his other petition supporting the legalization of marijuana.  Both initiatives, if they gather enough names, would appear in this November's ballot in Colorado.  Needless to say, I was flummoxed.  (I love opportunities to use the word "flummoxed," by the way).

The pro-pot group, The Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative Committee, is supported by the organization SAFER.  Good luck, lads.  The pro-marriage group, Coloradans for Marriage, has gotten big bucks from Rev. Dobson's scary Focus on the Family army of robo-Christians HQ'ed in Colorado Springs.  I used to live in the Springs.  It's a different town now than it was 10 years ago and FotF's influence cannot be ignored.  Neither can all the real estate development, shiny strip malls of Christian-safe chain stores, and the extreme pro-Bush sentiment (it is a military town, after all).

Back to PNA... they're demanding that Dobson explain this situation, but on further nosing around it's clear that this was a mistake somewhere by somebody, or just something out of either group's control.  Either way, it's high-larious, as Ross Perot might say.

I didn't sign either petition, incidentally, although I'm cool with legal weed.  How the fuck is it any worse than alcohol, which, as Loveline's Dr. Drew would tell you, is toxic to human cells even in small doses?  I also think people should be able to marry whomever the hell they want, but as it stands, it seems most Americans aren't ready for that yet.  (Course they weren't ready for school integration or equality for women either, hm?)

I just don't like being accosted by pushy clipboard monkeys when I have arms full of groceries and shit to do.


Sam said...

See what happens when you outsource? If they had hired the clipboarders directly, Dobsy wouldn't have had this happen.

Beast of Bourbon said...

Good thing the "Legalize Sheep-Shagging!" folks aren't around, too.