14 September 2006

Bubba and the unbearable whiteness of being

So Bill Clinton hosted a little bloggerfest at his office.  Some ‘sphere heavyweights were there, and it made for a nice picture as seen at The Republic of T.

Terrance at TRoT noticed something curious about the much-ballyhooed gathering, though.  I’ll give you a hint: Bubba’s office is in Harlem.

UPDATE 15 SEP 2006: Peter Daou (Hillary Clinton’s blog consultant) gives Liza Sabater of culturekitchen an explanation for the blanc stares above.  Apparently bloggers of color, like Oliver Willis, were invited but unable to attend.  Um… Oliver?  What in the hell short of being on vacation in Hawaii could possibly have been more imPoRtant than this?  Oh.  Never mind.

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