12 September 2006

Howie & Rahm... a special friendship

Well, well… just when I thought all hope was lost, two erstwhile adversaries have cut a deal on how to divvy up DNC cash and unite a divided Democratic house.

National Journal’s Hotline On Call blog is reporting that Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) helped broker an agreement that has the Dems sinking about $60,000 each into pet er, select House races favored by DCCC powerbroker Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL).  The feisty party traditionalist has been a vocal critic of DNC chief Howard Dean’s ambitious grassroots plan to prop up Dem candidates nationwide, not just in a strategic handful of races.

With primaries underway and the in-house wrasslin’ embarrassingly public, is it too little, too late for the Democrats?  And just how long will this fragile truce hold?  Karl Rove has emerged from his lair and is about to breathe fire, so I’d like to think the Dems have gotten their shit together just in the nick of time.  Establishment fatcats and upstart populists never mix, but in this case, they’d better… or ain’t a damn thing gonna change come November, no matter how rosy the polls look right now.

UPDATE 13 SEP 06: With reports now that Mehlman is gonna blow the GOP’s entire bank account on tight midterm races, the timing of the Dems reuniting and feeling so good kinda seems suspect.


AlanSmithee said...

Truly the question isn't Can the democrats get their shit together? The question is: Who gives a shit of the democrats get their shit together?


With the republicans you get your basic dirty ground war that kills lots and lots of brown people who happen to be living above our oil.

With the democrats you get a nice clean Murtha-style airwar that kills lots and lots of brown people who happen to be living above our oil.

Happy voting!

Beast of Bourbon said...

You Libertarians are so sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is this shit?

The Democrats are well on their way to victory thanks to Howard Dean. It's time for you to move into the 21st Century and reality. The media has been wrong issue after issue. Just like this, why do you think Democrats are now in for a landmark victory? Republicans have shifted the system to try and get things their way. It's not working. Without people thinking outside the box and going into areas were Democrats would not bother trying to pick up seats, they now have gone in and are winning. Face the music already!

Beast of Bourbon said...

Well on their way to victory? HAH. Did that hack psychic on Montel Williams endow you with some special powers of prognostication or something? You are in no position to be assured of ANYTHING regarding the fall election. We've got 60 days till voting, Karl Rove hasn't even broken a sweat, and the GOP is sitting on a fat war chest.

Not to mention a pending terrorist attack, as they've all wagged... er, warned us in recent days. These bastards rule by fear, and they know we've gotten soft in the last few years. You know how Americans vote when they're scared.

For the record, I AGREE with Dean's nationwide approach. It was Rahm that was dicking around. Well they've thrown him a bone now, and hopefully the Dems can concentrate for the final push and be ready to withstand the full might of the GOP apes of wrath.

madamab said...

I am glad that Rahm has come around. However, I believe that Unca Karl is already sweating - bullets. What do you think that ABC pseudo-drama was all about? Just one long Rovian campaign speech for Bushie. It backfired because Rove is not used to any pushback from the bought-and-paid-for media. Luckily, the "internets" are still free - for the moment.

Howard Dean was the only candidate in 2004 to understand the power of the grassroots that can be harnessed through the Web. Now, the rest of the Dems - including the DLC - are starting to get it too. Well played, Dr. Dean, well played.

Beast of Bourbon said...

"...one long Rovian campaign speech for Bushie. It backfired..."

If that's the best Karl Rove has at the moment, the DNC will steamroll in November. But I doubt that was Karl Rove at work... it was more like last gasps from influence of Christian right. As we all know, Rove is godless, so expect far worse in the near future.