06 October 2006

"Disastrous" Denver now hot pick for DNC convention

I posted a while back how Denver’s bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention was doomed when the site selection committee bitched about the Mile High City’s presentation woes.  Well, with the GOP sneakily announcing Minnesota’s Twin Cities as its ‘08 convention locale recently, the Dems are left with New York City and… well, Denver.

The arguments net-wide have been for Denver with its marked bid improvement and with Minneapolis-St. Paul now gone… and the pro-Mile High City folks were given yet another boost on Thursday when Dem Sens. Harry Reid (NV), Max Baucus (MT), Jeff Bingaman (NM), and Colorado’s own Ken Salazar endorsed the city’s bid in a letter to DNC chairman Howard Dean.

Before anybody says I need to eat my words, y’all better give a fat helping to the assclown on the site selection committee who lipped off about Denver the first time around.

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