05 October 2006

Madsen sees Karr-Foley-Everyone-in-Universe connection

With this latest news about freakazoid John Mark Karr being off the hook, I can’t help but think about this very convoluted yet very disturbing, nay frightening connect-the-dots scenario as explained by indie reporter Wayne Madsen.  He writes (quoted at Air America):

WMR has learned of possible connections between GOP lawmakers and former school teacher John Mark Karr, who was arrested in Thailand and deported to the United States after he claimed, falsely, that he killed six-year old Jon Benet Ramsey at her Boulder, Colorado home in 1996. After Boulder prosecutors declined to prosecute Karr for JonBenet's death, he was transferred to Sonoma County, California to face misdemeanor child pornography charges. However, U.S. intelligence source report to WMR that the high degree of interest shown by U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. intelligence officials in Karr -- including having one CIA officer in Bangkok intercede, along with DHS Bangkok attache Ann Hurst, with Thai law enforcement authorities after Karr's arrest -- was due to Karr's knowledge of the involvement of top U.S. government officials in a major pedophilia ring.

What I want to know is, how deep a hole do I need to bury and hide in till this all goes away, if it ever does?  As a net news junkie, the extent to which this mind-numbing sordidness has gripped virtually every corner of the web is more vast than a Nixon cover-up.  DrudgeLimbaugh, Hastert, Scientologists — Calgon, take me away!

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