02 November 2006

Diana DeGette to make her move?

Five-term Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette "has begun collecting contact information" so that she can reach her colleagues before the lame-duck session—all part of the preparation for a possible bid for the job of majority whip in a Democratic-controlled House," reports Congressional Quarterly in a subscription-only article at CQ.com.

If it’s true that DeGette is going to gun for the position, she’ll be up against Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, current chair of the Democratic Caucus and an African-American.  It sets up a very interesting and potentially bruising battle between two respected and decent candidates… barring entry from anyone else.

And of course it all hinges on whether the Dems capture the House majority on Nov. 7, which is far from a sure thing despite all the polls and hoopla and giddy excitement from the left.  The same feelings were there in ‘04.

I like both DeGette and Clyburn so the Dems win either way, in my humble opinion.

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