18 November 2006

James Baker kissing a little Syrian ass?

According to new article at The New York Times, former U.S. Secretary of State and current Bush 43 guidance counselor James Baker has “met several times with Syrian officials to discuss” mutual Mideast interests:

“What would it take Syria to help on Iraq?” the Syrian ambassador, Imad Moustapha, recalled Mr. Baker asking Syria’s foreign minister, Walid Muallem, during a meeting in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria in September.  Mr. Moustapha described the session as “very promising.”

Moustapha says later in the article that Syria is “motivated” to be a player in Iraq for three reasons: “Historical ties to Iraq, concerns about the loss of life among its Iraqi ‘brothers and sisters’ and fears that Iraq’s sectarian conflict could ignite fighting among corresponding factions in Syria.”  He also says that before the Iraq invasion, Syria gave the U.S. intel that “thwarted two al-Qaeda plots.”

Ah, Syria… the Fredo of the Middle East theater.

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