20 November 2006

Peter Jackson will *not* be making 'The Hobbit' movies

After director Peter Jackson’s triumphant ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, fans were slobbering, clamoring and a whole bunch of other ings for him to tackle ‘The Hobbit,’ and Jackson himself was keen to do it.

However, business gets in the way, and as everyone knows and should understand, money talks and bullshit walks.  Because Jackson’s production company is locked in a royalty battle with New Line Cinema, who owns property rights for ‘The Hobbit,’ New Line decided to be flex its corporate bitch muscle and has discarded Jackson as the director for two planned ‘Hobbit’ movies.

Yes, I said movies.  According to this article, “there are plans to slip in a further, seemingly non-canonical prequel to ‘The Rings.’”  Oh, fucking great.  Unless they hire Terry Gilliam and give him a dump truck full of money, I think I’ll be skipping what is sure to be a steamy pile of crap, rife with marketable characters for the kiddies, dialogue straight from ‘Cat in the Hat’ and fucked-up CGI overkill.  Bleah.

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