16 January 2007

Howard Hunt comes out of the murk to say LBJ prolly had JFK offed

Y'know, I love a good conspiracy tale, and to most people, the JFK assassination is the grandaddy of 'em all. I myself spent hours and hours poring over every book I could get my hands on re: JFK shooting and watching every TV special aired through my early adulthood. Even took a couple of courses on JFK and the assassination in college. I was convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, and that sinister elements hither and thither had a part in Kennedy's slaying.

Then one day not long ago, after having stepped away from all things JFK for some time, I cracked open a few of my old assassination books while digging through stuff in the basement. It got me interested in the subject all over again. Spent hours online, read, watched, ate, breathed, even smelled it all, goddammit. I also watched a fascinating Mythbusters re: shooting ballistics and the highly touted "cleaned up" Zapruder film doc from last year, I believe. After much pondering, I've come to a final conclusion: Oswald acted alone.

No other explanation makes sense to me anymore. I'd go into it at length, but time is short and I know I won't express myself as well as I'd like. Maybe some other time. At any rate, there it is... I don't believe in any of the conspiracy theories. Occam's Razor all the way.

Now all these years later, shadowy professional fabricator E. Howard Hunt is coming out with a book in which he claims that President Lyndon B. Johnson "may have had Kennedy assassinated." Whatever. The only thing I'd be willing to believe re: LBJ and JFK is that LBJ sought every possible opportunity to get Kennedy in trouble. He knew damn well that Kennedy was going into a frenzied hornets' nest in Dallas. He may have made it easier for the shooting to happen, but I can't for a minute believe that LBJ--with all the loose lips in Washington and politics in general--could pull the murder of a president off in broad daylight.

I can believe for more than a minute that Hunt is playing CYA before he takes his eternal dirt nap.

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