08 January 2007

"Kerry the wimp" and leg rubs from Arafat: A Dem bigwig's memoir

Terry McAuliffe's long-anticipated book will soon hit the shelves, but the Associated Press got an early crack at the memoir by the former head of the Democratic National Committee.

McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton-schmoozer and the moneygrubbing elitist who built the Reid-Emanuel fatcat wing of the Democratic Party, reveals among other startling and somewhat amusing claims, that he:
  • Got a "startling leg rub" from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat;
  • Creepily watched Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow soul-kissing during a showing of "Good Will Hunting" at Camp David;
  • Had the honor of being ripped a new one by former President George H.W. Bush during the 2000 election for treating his son with such "disgrace";
  • Went along on a Clinton family vacay to Utah shortly after the impeachment vote and watched as "Mrs. Clinton silently clicked through channel after channel reporting on her husband's infidelities before settling on ESPN";
  • Was muzzled by presidential contender Sen. John Kerry's aides from publicly attacking Bush 43's military record;
  • Said 2008 GOP contender Sen. John McCain asked him in 2000 why Kerry wasn't fighting back at Republican Kerry-bashing. "My guy (Bush) is no great shakes, but your guy (Kerry) looks like a wimp," McAuliffe says McCain told him.
Sadly, the AP had nothing to report about McAuliffe's take on Howard Dean, a mortal enemy to McAuliffe's army of greedy insider swine.

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