08 January 2007

Nazi Prince Harry and Holy Diana

A work at a Netherlands art exhibition has ired uptight Brits. Behold!

The painting mocks Prince Harry's unfortunate appearance at a costume party wearing Nazi gear. It also depicts Princess Diana with a halo, hearing no evil, while the Queen speaks none and Prince William sees none.

The artist's name has yet to be tracked down, but an MP offers a clue that it could be England's own S. Baldrick. "This seems to be a pathetic and tasteless attempt at art by a man with no talent," said David Ruffley, a member of the British Parliament. "People on the continent are just jealous of our royal family and the queen being a beacon of decency for the Western world."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't really care much for our monarchy, but that Sir, is shit. The actual talent the person has is very little, had it be4en executed better I would have been amused. Alas, it's crap.