22 February 2007

$2.98 parlayed into a cool quarter million

Who says you can't find a good bargain down at the ole arc?

This lucky bastard paid less than 3 bucks for an old piece of paper at a Nashville thrift shop that's apparently turned out to be an authentic 1823 print of the Declaration of Independence.

Michael Sparks, the man who bought it, says, "I'm told that it could go for between $200,000 and $300,000" at auction.

As for the store that Sparks found the print at, they're taking it in stride. Mm-hm.

"We just didn't know what we had, and of course we would like to have gotten more," said the manager, "but it shows that you can find all kind of things in our store. That is what thrift shopping is. We love it when people find something really good.

"That's what attracts people to come in — they think they will find that fabulous deal. I am very happy for the guy," the manager continued. "And he is so nice."

I sense a veiled threat of enraged disembowelment in there, don't you?

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