17 March 2007

Chimp Daddy, Hiccup Girl and West Virginia Man

No, they're not rejected Marvel Comics superheroes, it's the Daily Bleah.  Enjoy as I wreak the week's weakest reekers on ye...

ABC: Chimp Daddy Revealed
ABC: Child Experiments on Everest -- Too High a Risk?
CBS: Hiccup Girl Is Hiccuping Again
MSNBC: Americans still refusing to eat their veggies
FOX: Simon Cowell Says He Sells More Records Than Bruce Springsteen
FOX: West Virginia Man Accused of Decapitating Cat as Part of Satanic Ritual
FOX: Study: Playing Violent Video Games Improves Your Eyesight
CNN: Men sentenced for running castration 'dungeon'
BBC: Jolie 'sorry' for media exposure
New York Times: Neighbor Leaves Singapore Short of Sand
Washington Post: Police Arrest 7-Year-Old on Dirt Bike
Washington Post: School: Dead Mouse Found in BBQ Chips
Washington Post: Sinbad: I'm Not Dead

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