19 March 2007

Hooters in the Holy Land

No, it's not a lost episode of 'Davey and Goliath,' it's the Daily Bleah.  Have at my humble host of half-baked headlines.

ABC: Jury Awards Man $122,400 for Cat Bite
ABC: Owner Chases Pickup Thief in Underwear
CBS: High Court Hears "Bong Hits" Case
MSNBC: Man flies first class seated near corpse
FOX: Mother Arrested After First-Grade Son Brings Crack Cocaine to Show-and-Tell
FOX: Hooters Coming Soon to the Holy Land
CNN: Study: Racing games may spur risky driving
BBC: Pilot was 'six times over limit'
New York Times: Brazil's Top TV Preachers Land in Hot Water in Miami
Washington Post: Study Casts Doubt on Duct Tape Wart Cure

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