22 March 2007

Don King and the Teddy Bear Master

No, it's not an aborted Saturday morning kids' show, it's the Daily Bleah. Here's a sampling of the cheap, the easy and the puzzling in the way of media headlines.

ABC: Don King in Front Row for Pope
CBS: Woody Harrelson's Father Dies In Prison
MSNBC: Britney leaves rehab after completing program
FOX: Did Lindsay Lohan Parade Her Privates?
FOX: School Sued Over Teen's 'Winnie the Pooh' Socks
CNN: Bay City Rollers suing over 25 years' royalties
BBC: Al Fayed calls for Diana material
New York Times: In Venezuela, Rodents Can Be a Delicacy
Washington Post: Soprano Wins 'Thrown Knickers' Lawsuit
Washington Post: Jeep Runs Over Va. Man While He's in Bed
Washington Post: 'Teddy Bear Master' Expulsions Dropped

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