21 March 2007

Rotten Sneaker Queen and Cannibal Black Jesus

No, those aren't Steely Dan B-sides, it's the Daily Bleah.  Enjoy these gems of news nothingness from the major media.  Particularly nice to see Tonya Harding back in action again.

ABC: Boy Puts Urine in Teacher's Coffee Pot
CBS: DNA Test Ordered For Anna Nicole's Baby
MSNBC: No clear favorite on 'Dancing With the Stars'
FOX: Wannabe Japanese Leprechauns Hit the Streets
FOX: Cannibal 'Black Jesus' Faces Death Penalty
FOX: Bad-Girl Figure Skater Tonya Harding Makes Bizarre 911 Call
CNN: 13-year-old girl is rotten sneakers queen
BBC: Ex-footballer had sex in a field
New York Times: Scoring Isn't So Easy on the Ice
Washington Post: Blind Mechanic Hires Deaf Assistant

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