16 March 2007

Gore, Angelina Jolie and Malaysian midgets

No, it's not what you're thinking.  It sounds like a Democratic politics & porn junkie's dream come true, but it's just the Daily Bleah.  Here are last night's best of the bleahst from the major media.  ABC and WaPo were literally gushing with crap.

ABC: Vandals Leave Animal's Heart in Cemetery
ABC: What Drives Angelina to Extend the Brood?
ABC: Christian Men... Too Wimpy?
ABC: Malaysian Police Detain 'Midget' Gang
CBS: Man Kills Ex, Self With Elevator Bomb
MSNBC: Dog's severed head left on owner's doorstep
FOX: Florida Teen's Stomach Ache Turns Out to Be Gunshot Wound
CNN: Police: Father stabs baby son, throws him from car
BBC: Police criticise Mills' 999 calls
New York Times: House War Bill: Eat Your Spinach
Washington Post: Hebron museum to preserve four-legged chicken
Washington Post: Cats Invade Neb. House, 3 Injured
Washington Post: Malaysian Police Detain 'Midget' Gang
Washington Post: What's That Smell? Oh, It's the Police

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